The non-profit association Estonian Organisation for Copyright Protection (Eesti Autoriõiguste Kaitse Organisatsioon, hereinafter EOCP) was established at the beginning of 1999.

EOCP is a local anti-piracy unit which primary purpose is to protect the rights of the producers in music, film and interactive game industry and also to stand up for the rights of its members and to support their interests in Estonia. EOCP has a close co-operation with the police and customs. EOCP provides statements of experts on copyright violations to the courts and national investigation institutions. In fighting against Internet piracy EOCP closely co-operates with local Internet service providers.
Other activities of EOCP are:

  • to organise trainings on copyright and anti-piracy issues and actively participate in seminars in order to present the problems of copyright protection to the different target groups;
  • to promote legal use and distribution of movies, music and interactive games;
  • to notify governmental institutions and the Parliament of Estonia of the issues related to the legal protection of copyright and neighbouring rights and to contribute with respective legislation;
  • to collaborate with all similar organizations in Estonia and abroad.